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Vicarious Living

4th January, 2030. 12:48 am. Getting to know...

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3rd January, 2030. 12:25 am. I'll continue towards the painted future

I'm out of the loop as far as "formal" RP goes. I'm mostly playing in memes, but if something about my character lists or RPer outline piques your fancy and you want to pitch an RP idea to me, doesn't hurt to try!

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2nd January, 2030. 12:19 am. I'm not lonely, I'm still there

Characters dropped, in alphabetical order by game )

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6th March, 2012. 3:53 pm. Writerverse Pimpage!

A team competitive writing challenge community
Profile | FAQ & Rules | Sign-up Post

This is for anyone who wants to stretch their writing muscles with all sorts of fun challenges! Writerverse is just starting Phase 2, pitting two teams of ready writers against each other for most challenge points. The challenges range from prompt tables, graphics, critiquing, etc. Members are required to participate in one challenge every two weeks, and you're not obligated to do all of them -- just the ones that speak to you.

Piqued? Come on over and check us out! If you do decide to join, tell them erifnosmirc (my writer's handle) referenced you. I just joined, and I'm having lots of fun so far. I hope you do too!

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10th August, 2011. 9:52 pm. Kindred Spirits

Duuuuude, need to update my character lists. Not playing Jyou at Digimon Redux anymore and had an embarrassingly brief stint in a superpowered OC game in which I recycled Rina YET AGAIN and felt like a total fish out of water. Ummmm, considering apping NMH2!Shinobu to Soul Campaign, but the app deadline is the 11th. There is no way I'm going to be able to make that deadline. It's harder to RP around my new job with its daytime hours, and my RP drive's been suffering quite a bit for it. Right now I need to focus more on feeling 100% with Noa and Seiji in Soul Campaign and Somarium, respectively. Which lol, I've been pondering apping Tsuruko from -- /looks up full title because it's SO DAG LONG -- Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai or AnoHana. But again NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON OTHER THINGS, SELF.

But OH MY GOSH SOMEONE IN SC ACTUALLY WATCHED KIBA AND IS POSSIBLY HOPEFULLY OH MY GOSH PLEASE APPING ZED. Insert incoherent keysmashing here that spans an infinitely long string of lines. Zed. Zed! A freaking ZED in one of my games! Which has happened way back in the Paraluna days, but Zed and Noa never got to meet up in-game. So now I have the mun friended on Plurk and OH MY GOSH I CAN TL;DR ABOUT KIBA AND SOMEONE WILL ACTUALLY GET IT although I should probably scale back on it some so I don't scare him off. orz I can't help it. This fandom is loooooooooooonely. Even if he doesn't app Zed ever, at least there's one more person who knows my bitty pet fandom. That's exciting enough.

...yeah, sorry for all the capslock and html abuse. Mere text cannot express my excite, mang.

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1st December, 2010. 9:03 am. Waiting and seeing -- and freaking

Crap, dang it, deleted a humongo entry I spent like two hours writing. So the numbered list version:

01) Entertaining joining some new games.
01a) Dirty Vegas with Shinodude a.k.a. male AU!Shinobu. Reason: Travis and Dead Culture Henry are there. Inevitable sex discrepancy will lead to loltastic, delicious brain-breakage.
01b) Queen of Hearts with Kira. Reason: Good chance to get her to loose up some, and just plain ol' miss playing her. Romdeau was short-lived.
01c) [info]blueridge with Raphael/Raphy/[info]hashealed. Reason: Archangel Michael is looking for fellow angels. Rituale Romanum died just barely after it started. Never got a chance to play Raphy properly, which sucked because I liked his character concept.

02) Don't know if I should even be considering new games since I scraped by activity check in Soul Campaign with Noa. Somehow, creeper asocial Seiji at Somarium made activity check much easier than my friendly helper Noa. I don't know how this makes sense.

03) Someone at Paradisa misses having Shinobu there and said they'd would bring back one of their dropped characters if she ever came back! What? People like me? They don't think I suck? Makes me feel so happy, seeing how well um, awful my RPing self-esteem is -- okay, general self-esteem, but let's keep things simple. It's nice to know at least one person enjoyed playing with me. Especially since I'm always considering returning to Paradisa with Shinobu in the back of my mind.

04) Except that if I did, I'd be dealing with my old castmate inferiority complex again. Why? Travis-mun's back in the game. He's just so good that it intimidates me. I'll never be good enough to be his castmate, right? So what fun would rejoining a game be if those kind of worries would be constantly plaguing me? I don't know, if by some miraculous chance I ever gather enough courage...

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19th November, 2010. 4:31 pm. Can't fix what you don't know is broke

Posted to Soul Campaign's Love Me Meme for Noa and this round's How's My Driving.

Watch me check both links constantly even though I'll never get a response. Pfft, so hopeless, self.

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19th October, 2010. 7:50 am. I am amazed by your stupidity

Within a month I go from being in one RPG to four. Granted, I only have one character in each, and two of them are slow-paced, but still. I haven't been in that many games in a long time. When did this happen?

Oh. Dorking around in Paradisa's fourth wall meme with my No More Heroes 2 Shinobu from Dead Culture. Dag it, it's making me nostalgic all over again.

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7th October, 2010. 11:17 am. New Kids on the Block had a lot... or was it a bunch of hits?

Lol, the Leon I bounced Shinobu off of during my Paradisa days is now using that journal for Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. So does this mean I ship Shinobu with Angel now? This amuses me.

Speaking of Shinobu, I've got her in Dead Culture now, whoot. I almost didn't, since someone reserved her while I was dawdling on her app. Whined about how stupidly threatened I felt because I've never had anyone beat me to a reserve simply because well, I would never reserve my characters. Most of them are far too obscure for anyone to steal from under me. Well, reserve didn't pan out, took the first chance I could to put in my own, and finished the app with four days to spare. It's been pretty fun so far, even though I don't usually do survival horror games, but I still feel kind of insecure about how I'm playing her, less so when she's interacting with Travis, but still. Maybe I'll just have to play the game again. I can watch the cutscenes on YouTube all I want, but it feels like I'm getting my research through a secondary source.

Noa got into Soul Campaign. I could stand to be more involved and do a canon review. But I do enjoy it so far! I'm just... hesitant, maybe? I did so horribly during my last months in Paradisa that I'm afraid of screwing up in Soul Campain. Although, not doing much at all is counterproductive to fixing that, but I'm not a particularly logical person. I just have to put more of an effort in throwing Noa out there. That's all there is to it.

Lol, what is this I don't even-- People actually want my Seiji over at Somarium, whut? Funnily enough, the Mikado player there played the Mika I bounced Seiji off of in Drrressing and some other random places. I'm excited, but the app submission cutoff is the fifteenth, barely over a week from today. I've taken my sweeeeeeeet molasses time writing my most recent apps -- Noa's SC one was started in July but was finished in September -- so I'm worried if eight days is enough time for me to truck out an app for an entirely new character -- new as in, never played in a formal game. Another thing: Somarium's Durarara!! cast is supposedly really good. Do I deserve to be a part of it? Course, I'll never know if I don't app, but that doesn't stop me from already fearing I'll infect them with my sucktitude.

And while I'm on the topic of Seiji, this Love Hotel thread with Xerxes better happen because holy crap, Xerxes rings Izaya vibes and I have the stupid, illogical hots for Izaya/Seiji, and like... GUUUGH. I need it. Noncon Seiji beyond his capability to comprehend consent, mang. /shoots self.

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12th September, 2010. 3:31 am. Can't have things you don't work for

Apped Noa to Soul Campaign. Yay, for actually completing an application that only took me what, two, three months to finish? O.o;; Saying I have apper's anxiety would be putting it lightly. Which sucks because suddenly I really want to be active in a game, but sitting myself down to write an application is like pulling teeth. Plus, I won't know whether I get in Soul Campaign until after the 19th. Darn games and their app cycles. I don't know, Digimon Redux is fun when stuff's going on, but it's super ridiculously slow and like, I know I'm not helping by not talking shop with the other players, but I've always considered it my secondary game. You know, the low-maintenance one. But ever since I dropped Shinobu from Paradisa, its snail of a pace has been boring me. I need to be in another game. Dressing rooms never cut it. People quit threading with me just before things get really exciting, and yeah, that could very well be because I'm super boring and suck, but I don't know what I'm doing that's making me super boring and sucky so I can't improve. Speaking of Shinobu, I'm more or less going to app her to Dead Culture because there's a Travis there. And I may or may not have considered the game ever since someone suggested Travis-mun bring him over there during an App This Plz session months back. Lol, why am I such a creeper? I've bounced her off of him a few times on Dear Mun, and I think we work pretty well, so if when I do get into the game, I should be all right. I don't have the creepy idol complex with this Travis's mun the way I did with Paradisa's, so it shouldn't hold me back from interacting with them. Funny story. When I dropped Shinobu from Paradisa, I whined about it on my Plurk, and after trying to make me feel better about it she suggested I look into one of her games because it had an amazing Travis. Who -- wait for it -- turns out to be the same one from Paradisa. From there, I kind of tell her my sob story about how I've always felt like he didn't like me much as a canonmate and Bad Girl-mun probably didn't either, and um. Yeah. That's the pathetic tale of how much I sucked as a Paradisa canonmante.

Um. So yeah. Need to be in a game. Or two. Too anxious to sit down and write an app. FMRPL.

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